Tree House Queen Melina

One bedroom tree house in teak with private bathroom and terrace  deposited on a yellow melina tree

The single room is equipped with a bathroom and a private terrace. The main facilities of the room include a shower, fan, sitting area and a fully equipped kitchen with fridge and freezer. The tree house is accessible only by stairs.

Daily maid service is available for an additional fee. You will enjoy a perfect view of the forest and the hill. It is an excellent choice for travelers interested in the fauna and flora of Costa Rica.

In addition, you can order any type of meal as we have a delivery service to your treehouse.

About the tree Melina:

Melina is a tree species that is native to Southeast Asia but has been introduced to other parts of the world, including Costa Rica. Its scientific name is Gmelina arborea, and it belongs to the family Lamiaceae.

In Costa Rica, melina is often grown as a plantation crop for its fast growth and valuable timber. It is a large deciduous tree that can grow up to 30 meters tall and has a straight trunk with a diameter of up to one meter. The bark is smooth and grayish-brown in color, and the leaves are large, ovate, and dark green.

Melina trees in Costa Rica are typically grown in areas with warm temperatures and high rainfall, such as the Pacific coast and the central part of the country. They are usually planted in rows with a spacing of about 3-4 meters between trees.

The wood of melina is highly valued for its strength, durability, and resistance to decay. It is used for a wide range of purposes, including construction, furniture making, and paper production. The tree’s leaves, bark, and roots are also used in traditional medicine in some parts of the world.

Overall, melina is an important tree species in Costa Rica and around the world for its valuable timber and other uses. However, its cultivation should be done in a sustainable and responsible manner to minimize its impact on the environment.

Prices start at: $120 per night (+taxes and fees)



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