Tree House King Melina

One bedroom tree house in teak with private bathroom and a spacious terrace, only one meter from the ground and accessible by a ramp

The single room is equipped with a bathroom and a private terrace. The main facilities of the room include a shower, fan, sitting area and a fully equipped kitchen with fridge and freezer. The tree house is  adapted to the Costa Rican law 7600. With an entrance, bathroom and accomodations for those with any type of dissability.

Daily maid service is available for an additional fee. You will enjoy a perfect view of the forest and the hill. It is an excellent choice for travelers interested in the fauna and flora of Costa Rica.

In addition, you can order any type of meal as we have a delivery service to your treehouse.

About the Lianas:

Lianas are a type of climbing vine found in tropical rainforests, including those in Costa Rica. They are characterized by their woody stems and ability to climb trees to reach sunlight and nutrients.

Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of lianas, with over 500 species known to exist in the country. Some of the most common types include Philodendron, Monstera, and Ficus lianas, which can be seen climbing up trees and along the forest floor.

Lianas play an important role in the rainforest ecosystem, providing a means of access to sunlight for plants that would otherwise be shaded out by taller trees. They also provide habitats and food sources for a variety of animals, including monkeys, birds, and insects.

While lianas can be beautiful and fascinating to observe, they can also pose a threat to the health of trees. As lianas grow and spread, they can wrap tightly around a tree’s trunk, inhibiting its growth and ultimately causing its death.

Despite these challenges, lianas remain an important and unique feature of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests. Their presence helps to create a vibrant and diverse ecosystem that supports a wide range of plant and animal life.

Prices start at: $300 per night (+taxes and fees)



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