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Pura Selva is an eco tree house project located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It offers sustainable and immersive experiences in nature.

Pura Selva provides a unique experience by offering eco-friendly tree houses immersed in nature, allowing guests to reconnect with the environment while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Our tree houses are built using sustainable and eco-responsible materials, to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

We support the local community by sourcing products and services from nearby suppliers, thus contributing to the region’s economy and fostering sustainable tourism practices.

Yes, Pura Selva is actively involved in reforestation. We have a dedicated plan and have planted trees to restore the local ecosystem and promote biodiversity.

You can make a reservation directly through our website by selecting your preferred dates and tree house. Our online booking system is quick and convenient.

Yes, Pura Selva welcomes families and provides a safe and educational environment for children to connect with nature and learn about sustainability.

Pura Selva offers meal options, including locally sourced and organic ingredients. However, guests also have the flexibility to prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchenettes available in each tree house.

We prioritize guest safety by implementing security measures, providing emergency contact information, and conducting regular maintenance inspections of our tree houses.

Yes, we do allow pets at Pura Selva as long as they preserve the integrity of the surrounding ecosystem and do not disturb the comfort of all our guests.


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